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To pursue, or not to pursue Wide Receiver Mike Wallace..
— by 13kvFINS 13kvFINS
As suggested upon the trade of Cornerback Vontae Davis!

Maybe now ? We SHOULD DUMP ALL of our LESSER on the depth chart wide receivers that are under contract in an effort to accrue additional cap space ? Possibly even Brian Hartline seeing that as of this moment, he'd be no further ahead of a Mike Wallace as far as quarterback to wide receiver issue's go, while the discontent with Pittsburgh wide receiver is just as young as Hartline, and already an established NFL star!

Maybe now ? We make some serious roster move's with the additional 2nd round pick ( via V Davis ) as well as the additional 3rd rounder ( via B Marshall ), and go get a serious number one threat in holdout WR Mike Wallace from Pittsburgh ? He's Young and Studly, it wouldn't be like we're going after someone's leftover's or has been's, he'd be able to grow with the rest of the youngsters while already being a star in his own-right!

And so it goes.. (Maybe we will attempt as I suggested)?  Supposed roster lock and contracted WR Julius Pruitt was released today by the Dolphins, while breaking ESPN news say's Mike Wallace will suddenly report to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday !!!

Just for a physical/potential trade, or for the year is the question?

Offensive Co-ordinator Mike Sherman say's that "" only DBess is safe "" !

Hmmmm? Heavily contracted Linebacker Karlos Dansby hasn't practiced since berating the brass for the cut of Chad Johnson while contracted Defensive Lineman Tony McDanial has also been being held out of practice as of late!  TRADE-BAIT time's two ?? I believe that Dansby's contract alone might cover the cost of a Mike Wallace pursued type contract, and we have a ton of linebackers with huge upside while Dansby's nearing his career's end !!

Shoot, cut Roberto WALLACE with his contract, while all the additional money required to pursue a MIKE WALLACE can be recouped in not having to design, produce, and distribute new WALLACE jersey's while the jersey isn't that of the jinxed #19 !  JUSAYIN ; ) !!  

Hopefully GM Jeff Ireland is checking into these potential scenario's? Hopefully, he has a done deal with Pittsburgh via Mike Wallace before today and/or Friday's final releases. Guess we'll know for sure if all the Dolphin lesser receivers ( Pruitt/others ),  and lower depth chart players at other positions under contract get released today or in coming day's this week.

WALLACE, Bess, and ( Hartline ? ) would make a heck of a starting threesome, while he, Bess, and anyone would be farr-better than any starting three we'll currently be forced to field!

So, who's next to hit the brick's, Marlon Moore, Roberto W, others ?
What do you think ? We look forward to your angle of view ;) !!  GOFINS : ) !!
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