Hard-Knocks Episode three August 21, Coach Joe Philbin ..

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Hard-Knocks Episode three August 21, Coach Joe Philbin ..

So, the show basically opens with Ireland listening on the radio ( imagine that, maybe he reads the blogs & forums too ) to a Linebacker Karlos Dansby interview belittling the brass for not supporting Chad Johnson..

Next scene has Head Coach Joe Philbin in a team meeting gently reminding players that "" there were 12 thing's that I really wanted the staff to emphasize in 2012, 12 do's if you will (please do this) and 12 dont's (please don't do that).. And one of the things that I put down on that dozen of do's was to be supportive.""

"" Fast forward to about 3 weeks where 37 cut's will be taking place, while there's going to be some tough choices, your not gonna agree with every cut that Jeff or I make, but at the end of the day YOU GOTTA BE SUPPORTIVE ""

"" Ultimately you gotta have faith in the direction of the program!!""  What I want you to do is, if you have a problem go see your coach, come see me, I'm open to discuss anything with anybody, if you gotta sincere problem you can come and talk about it.""

Next scene Reggie Bush approaches coach on the field in a gentlemanly manner and request a player coach meeting with himself, Karlos Dansby, and big #77.  Philbin ask's in regards to what, Bush answers in regards to Chad, (coach seems hesitant at first with a grunt) until Bush explains that it's more about future reference which is followed by a meeting that includes Jake Long.  The back and forth went well for all included !

Later in the show upon his one on one with the recently named starter Ryan Tannehill. Philbin offers congrats to #17, and explains that he certainly earned it, while also explaining how special the entire QB group is.

He then proceeds to quip "" that this isn't a big deal, that everybody's gonna try to turn it into a huge deal, and try to blow it out of proportion, ( Tannehill's a rookie, they don't have great WR's, why are they putting him out there, who's gonna play the right side of the line ), they'll come up with a million reason's OK!""  There not bad people, it's what they get paid to do ! "" My point to you is, that one of the reason's we like you is that you have a lot of poise, you have a lot of composure, you know how to handle yourself.""  

Tannehill replies with a smile and says "I'll throw some real fire works at the media, how-bout that", while Philbin responds with a laugh, and a "we're working on that".

So, how do you feel about "" Ultimately having faith in the direction of the program "" ??  GOFINS  : ) !!

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